Test JSON Redaction via JSONPath

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$.store.*All direct properties of store (not recursive).
$.store.bicycle.colorThe color of the bicycle in the store.
Result: red
The prices of all items in the store.
Result: [8.95, 8.99, 22.99, 19.95]
All books in the store.
$..book[*].titleThe titles of all books in the store.
[Sayings of the Century,
Moby Dick,
The Lord of the Rings]
$..book[0]The first book.
[{ "category":"reference", "author":"Nigel Rees", "title":"Sayings of the Century", "price":8.95 } ]
$..book[0].titleThe title of the first book.
Result: Sayings of the Century
The titles of the first two books.
Result: [Sayings of the Century, Moby Dick]
The title of the last book.
Result: [The Lord of the Rings]
The result is a list, because [-n:] always returns lists.
$..book[?(@.author=='J.R.R. Tolkien')].titleThe titles of all books by J.R.R. Tolkien (exact match, case-sensitive).
Result: [The Lord of the Rings]
The result is a list, because filters always return lists.
$..book[?(@.isbn)]All books that have the isbn property.
$..book[?([email protected])]All books without the isbn property.
$..book[?(@.price < 10)]All books cheaper than 10.
$..book[?(@.price > $.expensive)]All expensive books.
$..book[?(@.author =~ /.*Tolkien/i)]All books whose author name ends with Tolkien (case-insensitive).
$..*All members of the JSON structure beneath the root (child objects, individual property values, array items), combined into an array.

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