Gain Insights and Optimize Your Product

API Analytics

Build great API products with a deep understanding of API usage and user behavior. Answer critical business and engineering questions about your APIs needed to drive the right outcomes.

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Deeply Understand How APIs are Used

No more waiting for problems to snowball. Track API usage time series, with performance and metric charts, and more. Segment and aggregate by URI request, endpoints, HTTP headers, body fields, or customer demographics.

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Context-Rich Data at the Endpoint Level

View the problematic endpoints, their performance and latency distributions, and enough context to debug and resolve issues.

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APItoolkit Realtime logs

Zoom Into the Individual Customer Requests to Understand Issues

Sometimes, you need to see what payloads customers were sending, to debug why something went wrong, or why there was a performance degradation. You can even see the locations a request was made from and the latency of that specific request.

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Stay on Top of Your APIs

API Monitoring

Watch errors, performance, and any numbers that matter over time.

Errors Tracking

Track errors, stack traces, and also record the incoming and outgoing requests which triggered the error. Get all information you need to reproduce a bug.

Automatic Documentation

An OpenAPI schema and spec is automatically generated from your live traffic. Approve and acknowlege endpoints and fields.

Powerful Queries

Write powerful queries against your realtime data using our visual query builder or our query language for more complex queries.

Custom Monitors and Alerts

Set up custom monitors and receive alerts when things go wrong via Slack or email.

Powerful Reports

Get daily or weekly reports about errors and performance of your entire application.

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