Apitoolkit is a managed Saas designed to be very quick to integrate and requiring almost no maintenance overhead. If you have privacy requirements you can enable e2e encryption of the data between your servers and our servers (Coming soon)

Monitoring API Calls

Apitoolkit sits between your traffic and your end users to monitor the traffic coming in and out ofyour servers, to learn from it, detect incidents and anomalies, and allow you analyze your API request and responses as you see fit, especially when investigating cause of incidents.

How to integrate

Integrating is very simple and in 3 steps

  1. Signup for apitoolkit and generate an api key
  2. Integrate the SDK for the programming language/tech stack you use. More on this here.
  3. Visit the apitoolkit dashboard and confirm that data is being sent correctly to the apitoolkit via the log explorer