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Changes & Errors feature gives you a real-time insights and control, helping to maintain functionality and improve user experience.

Changes and Errors in APItoolkit

Changes and Errors is a feature in APItoolkit that quickly lists all the changes made to your APIs in connection with APItoolkit. These changes can be related to your endpoints. The changes are not acknowledged unless you explicitly acknowledge them.

How Changes and Errors improve workflow

This will increased visibility in your API modifications. Each change is displayed here on the change and error section of your dashboard.

For instance

Let consider this change in our new endpoint

chnages and errors

This endpoint has been captured by APItoolkit. Now let get more information about this captured endpoint.

new endpoints

This give you a detailed description of the captured endpoint including all its parameters, HTTP methods used, etc.

events endpoints

The events section can also be expanded to give you a broad overview of the various events happening within your connections.

We use the term Changes to describe both the modifications made to the events section itself and the events listed within it.