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How Tech Teams manage Reliable APIs!

Reduce customer Bug & Support Tickets. Increase team velocity

The single platform for the entire API lifecycle:

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✓ Privacy controls ✓ GDPR compliant ✓ Security first

Be the first to know when your API is down, slow or something changed.

 Monitor your API changelog
 Monitor Changelog of APIs you depend on
 Track Error rates, latency, etc
 Lint your APIs for best practices and team conventions
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Empower Developer teams to build Happier Customer experiences.

All the Tools you need to design your APIs, interpret what's going on in your APIs, Investigate incidents and generate insights. In one package.

We'll Verify your API payloads are returning the correct data.
With daily & weekly reports on everything going on in your services.

Many features and more…

5 out of 5 stars

“APIToolkit allowed us make a drop in rewrite of our PHP service in Golang. Fixing all bugs without customers noticing any changes.”

Michael Okoh
Michael Okoh
CTO @ Thepeer

Your workflow before APIToolkit

Not having enough details to discover issues, investigate bugs, and test to ensure bugs don't get reintroduced.

  • Build & Deploy new features
  • Deployment introduces BUGS
  • Users Discover Bugs, Frustrated & some leave
  • Some users complain, but only give vague pointers.
  • Spend weeks guessing & failing to reproduce bug.
  • Guess incorrectly and fix wrong Bug, or only a symptom.
  • Deploy changes and maybe introduce new bugs
  • Cycle Repeats.

5 out of 5 stars

“Our workflow has not been the same since APIToolkit. We love the reports!”

Eze Sunday
CTO @ LoPeer.com

Your Team’s workflow with APIToolkit

You now have enough tools and insight about your APIs and payloads, to discover issues, investigate bugs, and test to ensure bugs don't get reintroduced.

Always up to date Documentation

Collaborate with your team/our AI,
to build your OpenAPI Spec/Docs

Design your APIs with always up to date API Docs; Manually written by you, or auto-generated by APIToolkit AI based off your live traffic, or both.

  • Auto generated OpenAPI/Swagger from live traffic
  • Manually edit swagger or upload from your CI
  • Collaborate on the swagger specs with your team
  • APIToolkit learns expected service payloads from the swagger.

More about our OpenAPI and documentation tools →

Performance monitoring & error tracking

Monitor Performance and Error Rates

Be sure that your service is performing within expected performance metrics. Run realistic benchmarks across endpoints to test their limits.

  • Error rates across endpoints
  • Latency distributions across endpoints
  • Optimization advice. Eg cachable endpoints
  • Run Benchmarks to test backend limits (coming soon)

More about our Performance and Benchmarking →

Anomaly Detection, Monitors & Validation

Detect bugs and issues via our Anomaly Detection,
your Custom monitors & payload Validation.

There's a bug/issue. But the Anomaly detector or Custom monitors or Custom payload validators caught them before your customers even noticed.

  • Live traffic validated against latest OpenAPI spec
  • Your custom API Tests executed on schedule
  • Your validators executed against every payload

More about Anomalies, Monitors and Validation →

Alerting and Incident Workflows

The right people must know that there is an issue.

You don't want noise, nor do you want the detected issues to go unnoticed. So the alerts are routed to the right people, and trivial issues are delivered in the daily or weekly reports.

  • Connect your on-call tracking system for emergencies
  • Setup slack and email or pagerduty, etc
  • Detailed reports for retrospectives and planning.

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Query, Analyze and Visualize API Payloads

Investigate the bug by exploring live requests and responses from your server.

Investigate the bug or other issue using the Log Explorer. Query, analyze and visualize real time requests and responses going through your server.

  • During API incidents Query and analyze failing API requests and responses
  • Analyze or Chart against fields within your API requests and responses
  • Calculate aggregates from fields in your API Data without going to your database

More about the Log Explorer →

Schedule API Tests against your APIs at interval

Write API Tests to ensure the bug is never reintroduced.

Bug is fixed, so now you utiilize the API workflows and tester to write test cases for this scenario, so it never happens again. Use the APItoolkit test workflow UI builder to easily create these tests. Your tests can be scheduled to run against production at any interval you prefer. (Coming soon)

  • Connect your on-call tracking system for emergencies
  • Setup slack and email or pagerduty, etc
  • Detailed reports for retrospectives and planning.

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Peace of Mind

Now your customers are happy and don’t even know that there was an issue

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Founders Note

( Why we are solving API reliability )

Picture this: I joined a food delivery company, all excited and ready to tackle challenges.
One day, we migrated a service from PHP to Golang, following the swagger docs diligently.
We made sure the responses matched, tested everything, and launched with confidence.

But oh boy, did things go haywire! Our order monitoring charts went berserk within minutes.
A whopping 20k orders vanished into thin air. Panic ensued. What on earth happened?

Turns out, in a few countries we operated in, a crucial field required by the apps mysteriously disappeared.
No one saw it coming because it wasn’t mentioned in the inherited documentation. It only affected specific countries that weren’t part of our manual tests.

We swiftly fixed the issue and reverted to the old system. But here’s the kicker: I wished we had a magical tool that could have caught this problem way sooner.

Fast forward to today, and guess what? We’ve created that tool! We want to hear your own epic tales of API chaos and help you bid them farewell.
Let’s make sure those stories become relics of the past together.

Join us on this exciting journey!

Anthony (@tonialaribe) and Smile(@smilecs)

Frequently asked Questions

Some questions others have asked

What programming languages are supported?

Some services like the API testing does not need any SDK integration. But we have SDKs for multiple languages: Golang, PHP, C#, Java, etc. If we don't support your language or framework, please drop a message. We can create one on demand quite quickly.

Do my requests have to leave my server to APIToolkit Servers?

Only if you want to benefit from the API metrics and the logs explorer. You can also enjoy all the other functionality which don't depend on your API traffic.

Can I prevent sending sensitive Data to APIToolkit?

Yes. All our SDKs support redacting data. Simply specify the json path to the fields which you don't want the SDKs to forward to APIToolkit, and those fields will be stripped out/redacted before the data even leaves your servers. So we would never see them.

I really love what you're doing. How do I show support?

Give a shout out on twitter or discord. We would also appreciate honest feedback about what we're building. And suggestions for what functionality you would love to see next.

Will the SDKs slow down my backend?

It depends. Most SDKs stream data asynchronously via google pubsub streaming, so your requests will see almost zero change in performance. Except if you use PHP. Because PHP doesn't support async workflows by default. But if you have the GRPC extension installed in your PHP environment, the GRPC extension is used by pubsub to stream data asynchronously like in other languages. Otherwise, you pay a very tiny performance hit to send data to google pubsub. But this performance hit is rarely noticable and usually under 5ms added to every request.

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APIToolkit is built by Developers for Developers. To solve pain points we’ve all faced.

We’re engineers at our core, who are very close to the problems we are
solving. So, we encourage you to be a part of this community
evolving solutions to solve API documentation, management and observability.

APIToolkit is fixing API Workflows & Reliability

APIToolkit is creating a world where you don’t lose customers due to broken API contracts or reliability. Signup to be a part of our journey.

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