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The End-to-End API & Web Services Management Toolkit

APItoolkit uses AI to help engineering teams observe, manage & test their backend systems and any APIs they depend on.

Privacy controls

GDPR compliant

Security first

Trusted by 3000+ Developers at companies like

Andela Thepeer Grovepay Same Day Customs Platnova Payfonte

Monitoring & Observability

Monitor Critical Systems and third parties

Gain data-driven insights into your APIs and APIs you depend on. Query user behavior and see all requests made by users or requests you made to third parties.

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“APIToolkit allowed us make a drop in rewrite of our PHP service in Golang. Fixing all bugs without customers noticing any changes.”

Michael Okoh CEO @ Thepeer

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“We had a major production incident, and the Engineering team didnt need to get involved, because the support team could see via APItoolkit, that the issues were caused by our third party integration, and they could reach out to the team to fix the issue.”

Joshua Chinemezu CEO @ Platnova

E2E API Testing & Synthetic Monitors

Run active e2e monitors on any APIs, and assert if key usecases work as expected.

Our AI even generates these tests and monitors for you, from your OpenAPI/Swagger spec, or from API request logs. Schedule them to run at intervals and configure specific checks and assertions.

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“We had to del with very unreliable integration partners, and APItoolkit helped us catch breaking changes they introduced, and armed us better to request better reliability guarantees.”

David Odohi Engineering Lead @ Grovepay

Documentation & API Specification

The best Documentation is one you didnt have to write. Powered by AI and your API usage logs.

Automatically generate API specifications from the live API payloads that are analyzed. Enrich this specification with more context, descriptions, etc., and generate public-facing API documentation or OpenAPI/Swagger specifications.

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“We had a lot of issues coming from Merchants of our service, and needed something to track the incoming requests made by these merchants. APItoolkit was exactly what we needed, and even more.”

Michael Akinwonmi CEO @ Payfonte

Scale with security

Built for security and privacy. Use our managed service or host on your own infra.


And so much more...

Stay on top of your APIs, with real-time monitoring, specification, and quality assurance.

Powerful Reports

Powerful Reports

Get Daily and weekly Reports about the numbers that matter.

Up to date API Docs & Spec

Up to date API Docs & Spec

AI generated spec based off your traffic. Approve new changes.

Automatic Changelogs

Automatic Changelogs

Maintain a changelog of your APis and APIs your depend on.

Error Analytics

Error Analytics

Get deeper insights about errors and the affected users.

Self Host

Self Host

Don’t let your data leave your server via self hosting.

Alerts & Integrations

Alerts & Integrations

Get notified about realtime issues on your terms.

Build with Community

Join us on a mission to build a world from the frustrations of broken API contracts and unreliability.

Works seemlessly with your tech stack

and many more...

Loved by Builders

APItoolkit is the intelligent API management system for teams who value peace of mind.

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Integrate APIToolkit

We support 14+ web frameworks (if we don't support your framework, email [email protected] and we'll create an SDK for you ASAP)