Anomaly Detection, Monitors & Validation

Detect bugs and issues via our Anomaly Detection,
your Custom monitors or Custom payload Validation.

The Anomaly Detector monitors your API endpoints traffic and validates every single request passing through, against the OpenAPI specification which was either generated by our AI, or uploaded by you.

It maintains a laser-focused view at your endpoints, tracking activities and alerting you about any alteration or change – your watchman during the day and at night.

Eg. New Endpoint, new field, existing text field now returns numbers etc

Basically, any form of changes to your endpoints that returns an unfamiliar response will be tracked and reported by our powerful Anomaly Detector tool. It’s now left for you to acknowledge whether the change was sanctioned by you, or you take action.

Save your company millions in lost revenue by using APIToolkit. Spot errors and address them before your customers notice.

Validate all endpoint traffic against OpenAPI spec
Detect any changes and have the opportunity to approve them or flag them as bugs
Get notified in real-time when new/changed fields are discovered
Always know your web services are returning exactly what your customers expect

Don’t worry if you never write OpenAPI/Swagger. APIToolkit will learn it automatically from your live traffic.