Wed Mar 23, 2022

API Annomalies Detection and Request/Response Validation

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detector

Our powerful Anomaly Detector tool monitors your API endpoints traffic and reports any alteration to you. It maintains a laser-focused view at your endpoints, tracking activities and alerting you about any alteration or change – your watchman during the day and at night.

Examples of an anomaly could be that a new endpoint was created, a new field was added to the endpoints, a field is behaving differently from how it used to, an endpoint speed has suddenly dropped, a sudden drop in your traffic, etc. Basically, any form of changes to your endpoints that returns an unfamiliar response will be tracked and reported by our powerful Anomaly Detector tool. It’s now left for you to acknowledge whether the change was sanctioned by you, or you take action.

In a nutshell, APIToolkit will verify that your payloads are returning the correct data and would notify you of any changes.

Save your company millions in lost revenue by using APIToolkit. We spot errors and address them before your customers.

Custom Monitors (coming soon)

This feature will enable our users to create monitors and set commands, watching out for any changes that go against the pre-set instructions. For example, let’s say you have a field that returns an amount, you will be able to create your own monitor and set that the field should never be lesser or greater than a certain amount. Anything contrary will be flagged as an anomaly. This provides ancillary support for our AI Anomaly Detector tool.