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OpenAPI Spec Documentation

APItoolkit allows you to auto-generate OpenAPI specifications (swagger docs) for live payloads (endpoints) in your API. You can achieve this using all the shapes detected from requests on your API or by uploading your existing OpenAPI specification to enrich our anomaly detection. With this, you can easily keep your OpenAPI spec documentation consistent across all workflows and enrich the specification with more context, descriptions, etc.

Some key benefits and popular use cases include the ability to:

  • Automatically generate tests and monitors from the OpenAPI/Swagger specification.
  • Automatically verify that your product documentation and OpenAPI specification are in sync with backend implementation.
  • Allow documentation engineers to get alerted via email or Slack when a new breaking or safe change is introduced that needs to be documented leading to synergy between the engineering and documentation teams.
  • Design your API documentation portals in less time using a consistent specification.
  • Set alerts to track certain requests when they cross certain thresholds and notify relevant members of your team via email or Slack when the alert is triggered.
  • And a lot more!

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